Product Introduction

Shanghai Dongmeng mobile counterattack integrated machine has a compact structure, high degree of automation, low site requirements, and meets national road transportation requirements. Heavy-duty feeder with complete pre-screening grate, solid waste treatment operations can pre-screen and discharge part of the waste, improving work efficiency. Using intelligent wireless remote control crawler walking technology, single-person remote control operation of upper and lower flat trailers can quickly realize transition operations.

Product Usage

The whole machine is equipped with a grading screen and a recycling system. The equipment can replace different types of counterattack hammers according to the types of crushed materials. Hydraulic adjustment of the discharge port and hydraulic auxiliary opening of the cover facilitate equipment maintenance and repair. The crushing and screening functions are integrated, which greatly improves work efficiency. Flexible working mode and independent production.


Technical parameter

Feeding Equipment
Capacity(t/h) 250 400 400
Max feeding size(mm) 550 650 650
Feeding Height(mm) 3800 3800 3800
Hopper Volume(m3) 9 9 9
Feeding Belt Conveyor
LxW(mm)      Motor(kw) 4100x1050 4.5x2 4100x 1050 4.5x2 4100x1050 4.5x2
Impact Crusher
Model I1010 I1313 I1316
Max Feeding Size(mm) 500 600 600
Feed opening (mm) 1100x800 1240x990 1630x990
Motor(kw) 160 200-220 250-280
Scrap Belt Conveyor
Specifications Motor(kw) B650x3.3M 3 B650x3.3M 3 B650x3.3M 3
Main Belt Conveyor
Specifications Motor(kw) B1000x10M 11 B1000x13.2M 7.5x2 B1000x13.2M 7.5x2
Vibrating Screen
Specifications Motor(kw) 4000x1600 3.06x2 5000x1700 3.06x2 5000x1700 3.06x2
Final Product Belt Conveyor
Specifications Motor(kw) B1400x4.8M 7.5 B1400x5.7M 7.5 B1400x5.7M 7.5
Unloading Height(mm) 2850 3000 3000
Transition Belt Conveyor
Specifications Motor(kw) B500x3.5M 3 B500x3.6M 3 B500x3.6M 3
Returning Belt Conveyor
Specifications Motor(kw) B500x9.45M 4 B500x10.3M 4 B500x10.3M 4
Returning Belt Conveyor
Specifications Motor(kw) B500x7.7M 4 B550x8.5M 4 B550x8.5M 4
Whole Plant
Driving Motor(kw) single76,double280 single76,double360 76
Totalweight(t) single54,double56 single62,double64 65
Capacity(t/h) 80-220 150-300 180-380
SizeLxWx H(m) 17.3x3.6x3.8 18x3.8x3.8 18x3.9x3.8
External Power(kw) 220 254-274 305-335

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