Project introduction

Diabase has high hardness, good quality and high utilization rate, and crushing is an important step in the production and processing of diabase. However, for different materials, the equipment used is different. Therefore, according to the characteristics of the greater hardness of diabase, Dongmeng machinery manufacturers specially selected cone crushers suitable for high hardness in the diabase crushing production line recommended for users.


Customer feedback

The Shanghai Dongmeng factory is really reliable. After understanding our production needs in detail, we carefully designed a reasonable diabase crushing production line plan for us. It really lived up to expectations. The operation effect of the production line is very good. So far, it has not appeared. Excessive failure, environmental protection and less pollution. In addition, the quality of the processed products is very good and meets the high standards of user needs. We are very satisfied and very happy to cooperate with Shanghai Dongmeng!

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