Project introduction

The foreign processing plant is a crushed stone factory specializing in the processing, production and sales of construction-specific crushed stone. It has a scientific and reasonable quality management system and has very high requirements for the overall quality of the crushed stone production line. It was attracted by our company’s strong technical strength, high-quality equipment and quick-response after-sales service, so I chose this 200t/h construction-specific crushed stone production line. After it was put into production, the customer was concerned about the production line’s output, efficiency, and environmental protection. , Price, etc. are very satisfied, there are plans to order the next set of production line equipment.


Customer feedback

After this weathered stone and crushed stone production line was put into operation, the output and discharge have been stable during the weekday operation, and the dust and noise have been within the controllable range. It has been running environmentally friendly and has created a lot of profits. In general, Shanghai Dongmeng This gravel production line is very good, and the service is also very satisfactory. Because of the market demand, it is ready to expand the production scale and continue to purchase the next set of production line equipment, and will continue to cooperate with Dongmeng.

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